Holidays / Observances in USA

United States Holiday calendar. Greeting Cards, quotes and wishes.

US Holidays / Observances


January 1st (Fixed): New Year's Day

January 15th - 21st (Floating Monday): Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 2nd (Fixed): Groundhog Day

February 2nd - 8th: Super Bowl

February 14th (Fixed): Valentine's Day

February 15th - 21st (Floating Monday): President's Day / Washington's Birthday

March 17th (Fixed): Saint Patrick's Day

March 19th - 21st (Floating): March Equinox

March 22nd - April 25th (Floating Sunday): Easter

April 1st (Fixed): April Fool's Day

April 15th - 18th (Varies*): Tax Day

May 5th (Fixed): Cinco de Mayo

May 8th - 14th (Floating Sunday): Mother's Day

May 15th - 21st (Floating Saturday): Armed Forces Day

May 25th - 31st (Floating Monday): Memorial Day

June 6th (Fixed): D-Day

June 14th (Fixed): Flag Day

June 15th - 21st (Floating Sunday): Father's Day

June 20th - 22nd (Floating): June Solstice

June 19th (Fixed): Juneteenth

July 4th (Fixed): Independence Day

September 1st - 7th (Floating Monday): Labor Day

September 11th (Fixed): Patriot Day

September 17th (Fixed): Constitution Day / Citizenship Day

September 21st - 24th (Floating): September Equinox

October 8th - 14th (Floating Monday): Columbus Day

October 31st (Fixed): Halloween

November 2nd - 8th (Floating Tuesday): Election Day

November 11th (Fixed): Veterans Day

November 22nd - 28th (Floating Thursday): Thanksgiving Day

November 23rd - 29th (Floating Friday): Black Friday

November 24th - 30th (Floating Saturday): Small Business Saturday

November 26th - December 2nd (Floating Monday): Cyber Monday

November 27th - December 3rd (Floating Tuesday): Giving Tuesday

December 7th: National Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day

December 20th - 22nd (Floating): December Solstice

December 25th (Fixed): Christmas Day


*When the tax filing deadline is not moved for other political reasons, tax day for any particular year is always on April 15 (years when this day is a Monday through Thursday), Tuesday April 17 (years when April 15 is a Sunday) or Monday or Tuesday April 18 (years when April 15 is either a Friday or Saturday).


U.S. Federal Holidays


January 1st (Fixed): New Year's Day

January 15th - 21st (Floating Monday): Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 15th - 21st (Floating Monday): President's Day / Washington's Birthday

May 25th - 31st (Floating Monday): Memorial Day

July 4th (Fixed): Independence Day

September 1st - 7th (Floating Monday): Labor Day

October 8th - 14th (Floating Monday): Columbus Day

November 11th (Fixed): Veterans Day

November 22nd - 28th (Floating Thursday): Thanksgiving Day

December 25th (Fixed): Christmas Day



U.S. Presidential Proclamation List of Observance Dates

U.S. Presidential Proclamation Days



January 16 - Religious Freedom Day

3rd Monday in January - Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday

3rd Sunday in January - U.S. Sanctity of Human Life Day



February 15 - Susan B. Anthony Day



March 25 - Greek Independence Day

March 31 - Cesar Chavez Day



2nd Thursday in April - U.S. D.A.R.E. Day

April 9 - U.S. Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

April 14 - Pan American Day and Pan American Week



May 1 - Loyalty Day

May 1 - Law Day, U.S.A.

May 15 - Peace Officer Memorial Day

1st Thursday in May - U.S. Day of Prayer

2nd Friday in May - Military Spouses Day

2nd Sunday in May - Mother's Day

3rd Friday in May - U.S. Defense Transportation Day and U.S. Transportation Week

3rd Saturday in May - Armed Forces Day

May 22 - U.S. Maritime Day

May 25 - U.S. Missing Children's Day

Last Monday in May - Memorial Day



1st Monday in June - U.S. Child's Day

June 14 - Flag Day and U.S. Flag Week

3rd Sunday in June - Father's Day



July 27 - U.S. Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

Last Sunday in July - Parent's Day



August 16 - U.S. Airborne Day

August 26 - Women's Equality Day



Weekend before September 11 - U.S. Days of Prayer and Remembrance

September 11 - Patriot Day

September 11 - Emergency Number Day

3rd Friday in September U.S. POW/MIA Recognition Day

September 17 - Citizenship Day and Constitution Week

September 22 - American Business Women's Day

September 28 - U.S. Good Neighbor Day

4th Monday in September - Family Day

Last Sunday in September - Gold Star Mother's Day



1st Monday in October - Child Health Day

October 6 - German-American Day

2nd Monday in October - Columbus Day

October 9 - Leif Erikson Day

October 11 - General Pulaski Memorial Day

October 15 - White Cane Safety Day

October 24 - United Nations Day



November 9 - World Freedom Day

November 11 - Veterans Day

November 15 - U.S. Philanthropy Day

November 15 - America Recycles Day

4th Thursday in November - Thanksgiving Day

Friday after Thanksgiving - Native American Heritage Day



December 1 - World AIDS Day

December 3 - International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 7 - U.S. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 10 - Human Rights Day and Human Rights Week

December 15 - Bill of Rights Day

December 17 - Wright Brothers Day



U.S. Presidential Proclamation Weeks



1st week of March - Save Your Vision Week

3rd week of March - U.S. Poison Prevention Week



Last week of April - U.S. Volunteer Week

Varies in April - Crime Victims' Rights Week

Last week of April - U.S. Park Week



Third week of May - World Trade Week

Third week of May - U.S. Hurricane Preparedness Week

Week prior to Memorial Day - U.S. Safe Boating Week



Third week of July - Captive Nations Week



August 16th-22nd - U.S. Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week



Varies in September - Minority Enterprise Development Week

3rd week of September - U.S. Farm Safety and Health Week

Varies in September - U.S. Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week



Week of October 9 - Fire Prevention Week

Week of 2nd Sunday in October - U.S. School Lunch Week

Week of 3rd Sunday in October - U.S. Forest Products Week

3rd week in October - U.S. Character Counts Week

Week prior to Thanksgiving - U.S. Farm-City Week

Week of Thanksgiving - U.S. Family Week



U.S. Presidential Proclamation Months



U.S. Mentoring Month

Stalking Awareness Month

Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month



American Heart Month

Black History Month



American Red Cross Month

Women's History Month

Irish-American Heritage Month



Cancer Control Month

U.S. Donate Life Month

Prevent Child Abuse Month

U.S. Sexual Assault Awareness Month

U.S. Financial Literacy Month



Older Americans Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

U.S. Physical Fitness and Sports Month

U.S. Foster Care Month



Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Great Outdoors Month

U.S. Oceans Month

Black Music Month



U.S. Ice Cream Month



Childhood Cancer Awareness

Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

U.S. Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

SU.S. Ovarian and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

U.S. Wilderness Month

U.S. Preparedness Month

U.S. Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September 15 to October 15 - U.S. Hispanic Heritage Month



U.S. Information Literacy Awareness Month

Italian American Heritage and Culture Month

U.S. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

U.S. Domestic Violence Awareness Month

U.S. Arts and Humanities Month

U.S. Disability Employment Awareness Month

U.S. Cyber Security Awareness Month

U.S. Energy Awareness Month



U.S. Entrepreneurship Month

Military Family Month

U.S. Bone Marrow Donor Awareness Month

U.S. Hospice Month

U.S. Adoption Month

U.S. Family Caregivers Month

U.S. Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

U.S. Diabetes Month

U.S. American Indian Heritage Month



U.S. Impaired Driving Prevention Month

U.S. Critical Infrastructure Protection Month


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